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  • 10 novembre 2005
    De: Isabelle
    C'est parce que je suis juive, que depuis 30 ans, j'ai consacré une grande partie de ma vie professionnelle et sociale, à la défense des droits des immigrés et des Français issus de l'immigration. En tant que juive française, descendante de victimes de la Shoah, je me sens profondément soeur des immigrés et Français issus de l'immigration. Quelque soit par ailleurs la singularité de notre histoire, une communauté de destin doit nous solidariser avec ces minorités, installées en France, en butte au racisme et aux discriminations de toute sorte.
     En outre, manifester, en tant que juifs, notre soutien notamment aux jeunes d'origine arabe permettra d'aborder plus sereinement avec eux la question du conflit israëlo-palestinien en évitant une hostilité anti-juive qui repose souvent sur une grande ignorance.
    Mais je pense que beaucoup de signataires vont mettre en avant le même argument (il est si évident) : je suis solidaire parce que juif
  • 11 octobre 2005
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: peretz kidron
    Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 5:52 PM
    Subject: help us flush out war criminals !

    Dear friend,
    As  you probably know from media reports, Yesh Gvul has taken a f urther step in its campaign against Israeli officers suspected of human rights abuses or war crimes. Operating on material we supplied, a UK law firm has formally filed criminal complaints with the local police, against a number of senior IDF officers.  One such, reserve general Doron Almog, narrowly escaped arrest when he remained on board the El Al plane that brought him to London, and returned to Israel without disembarking.
    Alongside Almog, more senior figures now under investigation in Britain include IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz, after Israel's judiciary and law enforcement agencies systematically evaded our demands for an investigation into his role in the killing of civilians in the bombing of a Gaza residential building. Having exhausted Israel's judicial process, we decided to take the Halutz case to a foreign court in the hope of getting the thorough investigation denied here in Israel.
    That initiative has aroused enormous anger from Israel's political and military leadership, and we have come under furious attacks in the media.  On top of the resentment such an initiative would evoke in other lands, it is also a direct challenge to the traditional Jewish reluctance to "wash dirty linen in public", and the equally traditional hatred within minority Jewish communities toward the "moiser" ("snitch"). The publicity has spawned legal initiatives to penalise Israelis who take cases to foreign courts. Equally sinister: hate mail and death threats directed at Yesh Gvul members associated with the case.
    As you can imagine, we are currently under heavy pressure, and we're in  urgent need of aid, moral and material.  We will welcome any declaration of support.  We'll welcome it even more if it's backed up with a financial donation, because our already strained resources are simply not up to meeting the challenges and opportunities now created.
    Peretz Kidron * Ram Rahat
    PS. For full details of our campaign against war crimes in the occupied territories, contact us for a complete brief, including the legal actions we have taken in chronological sequence.

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